SEO firms VS. Business Development firms

There are a numberless amount of SEO firms out there that seemingly sell the same products. The difference seems to be only in the pricing. Why do some firms charge bottom barrel prices and others 3 times that amount? A closer look into the SEO firm’s proposal and business process will reveal the difference. An SEO firm worth its weight in gold is not simply selling an SEO or PPC package; it is a consultant and a partner in developing your business. All internet marketing campaigns that are initiated should be designed to grow your business. A major aspect in designing a campaign is “conversion optimization.” This is analyzing the ability of your current website to convert users once they visit your site. A good SEO firm will make recommendations on what you need to convert visitors whether it is a lead capture feature, additional call outs or a site redesign.

Additionally, an SEO firm or internet marketing company should take the place of an in-house marketing department. It is your resource for advising on ideas, allocating budgets, and implementing your strategies.

Furthermore in choosing an SEO firm, make sure that the lines of communication will be open. You want a firm that assigns you your own project manager (your point of contact). It is very common to work with a firm that is unreachable and delayed when you have concerns or questions.

In choosing an Internet marketing company, do your homework. Make sure they educate you on their services, analyze your business and act as your resource for your online marketing campaigns.

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