SEO content writing tips

During our weekly Internet Marketing Inc. training session last Friday, we covered a key ingredient to effective content writing: specificity. Specificity is a glorious aim because the more specific you are with the written content on your website, the more opportunities there are for those words to match a particular user search and for your webpage to come up. This can be accomplished through several ways, but I’ll bore you with just two:

1. Qualifiers
2. Secondary words

The first method focuses on the words around the original object. For example, instead of simply saying “Our services,” you may write something like “Our internet marketing services.” Or instead of saying “Our office,” you could specify with “Our San Diego office” or “Our amazingly talented office.” (Just kidding on the last one!)

The second method focuses on altering the original word itself, kind of like using a thesaurus. There are several ways to accomplish this, one of which is obviously to use a thesaurus, albeit with great caution. I have seen writers fling thesaurus words around with much abandon, only to regret it when they realize that the result neither sounds like them nor makes any sense. Another method is to go to Google search and type in your word after a tilde (~). You will see bolded words sprinkled throughout the search results; these are potential secondary words. For example, when you type in “~services” you receive bolded results like “agencies.”

Another source for secondary words is Quintura. It is a magical site where, if you type a word into the search bar, you are presented with a web of interrelated, relevant words. This is far different than using a thesaurus, which offers you only synonyms. Quintura offers themes: a search for “services” offers such words as “technology,” “human,” and “community,” and if you mouse over these various offerings, you’ll see different words appear.

Before I say too much, I will conclude with this: qualifiers and secondary words are crucial to increasing the accessibility of your site in organic search results.

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