SEO and Changing Your Business Name

If your looking for something new to put that spark into your business’ SEO, changing your business name isn’t an easy direction to head. Changing your business name is going to require a lot of SEO work just to maintain your current Google ranking and user traffic. Be forewarned, unless your willing to put in some hours of SEO for your company name change, you could be looking at penalties from Google, lost customers, less traffic and confused users.

Don’t Touch that Domain Name

Your domain name is going to hold a lot of your search engine traffic, so switching that domain name and your going to take a serious dip in Google rankings. Changing your domain name will result in having to accumulate new links and social sharing signals. You’re going to need a good internet marketing strategy in place, like a PPC marketing, to get that website traffic going again. This is going to mean more money and time from you.

Keep Current with Your Business Contact Info

Along with the many things Google does, using an algorithm to correlate phone numbers, addresses and names (or NAP) to your business is one of them. Correlating these factors will determine your rank for local search inquires. In order to keep your rankings up there your going to need to update your Google+ Local, Bing Local, Yahoo Local accounts, and any other local listing account.

You’ll have to make sure all your old local listings are updated because old business listing can show as duplicate content and NAP corruption to Google, thus hurting your traffic and rankings more. If you change your business phone number you have to make sure that is also updated or you’ll face the same problems. Also (though it may seem obvious) make sure you change the name on your website, this is probably the easiest change you’ll make but a vital one to say the least.

Tag up that Title

If your going through the whole trouble of changing your business name you might as well put some keywords and/or locations of your business in their. By incorporating names and location in the title your increasing your SEO value.

An example of this would be “Coronado Eye Doctor”. Also take into account the title for social media benefits, does it have a ring to it?

Keep The Customer Informed

With all these changes and updates going on make sure that your customer gets the heads up on whats going on. On your website and/or your facebook page give your customers an alert that you’ll be changing your business name soon. This will help lessen confusion and keep those loyal customers.

So if your dead set on a new business name, be prepared for what might seem like a daunting task and hope that new business name is a winner.

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