Save Your Valentine’s Day with Mobile Apps

Valentine’s Day is just around corner, seriously just a few hours around the corner. Are you ready to give your love the magical day they deserve? Are you expecting to be swept off your feet but scared your significant other will fail your expectations? Maybe you have a secret crush that you want to sweep off their feet but have no idea what to do. Not to worry, with today’s ever advancing technology, the help of your trusty smart phone, and the best internet marketing company around, this sacred day for lovers will not be ruined.

The First Lifeline: Giftiki

If you’re reading this, you probably forgot to get your date a gift. That’s right; you have to get your date a gift on Valentine’s Day (EVEN if they say they don’t want one!). They always want one. Not to worry, with our first live saving mobile app Giftiki, you can send your love in the form of mobile gift cards. You can even include personal messages and include their friends in on the present. Now, if they accuse you of forgetting, just say you wanted to show how tech savvy and hip you are becoming and change the subject.

Lifeline #2: OpenTable

Think you have the perfect romantic dinner spot to take your date? Chances are a lot of other people are thinking the same thing. You don’t want your night ruined because you forgot to book a reservation at your favorite restaurant. With OpenTable you can either search online or on your smart phone for a list of restaurants with available seating and book a table. You can even narrow down the search for the type of restaurant you’re looking for and include notes for the host. You’ll seem like you planned it all along.

Lifeline #3: Uber

It’s Valentine’s Day, you and your date are going to be drinking wine or champagne. Don’t drink and drive. However, if you live in Boston, Chicago, LA, New York City, San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto, or Washington, D.C. you know it can be tricky to get a cab during popular days like this. We may be your internet marketing management guru’s, but no, we can’t be your designated drivers. However with Uber, you can request a pickup anytime from anywhere in a luxury vehicle. With only a tad higher fare, you’ll look like you booked a private luxury driver just for the two of you for the night. You won’t have to wait to try and hail a cab nor sit in their grungy back seats. Just get your date enough wine, so they don’t notice the driver may be different on the return trip.

Lifeline #4: Rebtel

To all you hopeless romantics out there in long distance relationships, we salute you. We know it is already hard enough to go the distance, so Rebtel makes it a little bit easier. Rebtel offers free or cheap services that allow you to make calls over your WiFi or 3G network. This way you can avoid expensive international charges from your carrier. Its Valentine’s Day, you know you’re going to be talking for a couple hours, save yourself some money while you’re at it.

The Fifth and Final Lifeline: Lovestagram

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words. Not all of you may be the best with words to tell your date how you really feel. Not to fear, Lovestagram is here to help you out. With an Instagram account, you can log into Lovestagram, and it will gather every picture of you two together and put them into a slide show. And of course, you can add your own personalized note to make it seem like you put a lot of work into it.

You have the tools now go out and make that Valentine’s Day exactly what your special someone deserves. You see, your favorite SEM company doesn’t just help you with optimization, we have your back out there too.

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