San Diego Convention & Visitor's Bureau (ConVis) E-Commerce Summit

Thanks Brent for the earlier blog post about the 6th Annual San Diego E-Commerce Summit announcing IMI’s participation where I presented in an SEO workshop. The announcement was a bit late where the SEO workshop was not originally in the even program, but I was grateful to see the people that were there. The audience was mixed with people that are knowledgeable about SEO and there were also some of our respected elders that were technologically challenged are not even sure which search engine they are using or if they are using a search engine. The presentation was more of a high-level SEO overview and since many people in the audience were more of decision makers than actual SEO implementer, my presentation also served as a guide how to choose SEO partners, how to gauge the knowledge of an SEO company or individual consultant. What are the common skills and knowledge these people should have. Not only can this serve as a guide for looking for partners but also can serve as a guide in hiring people, or looking at the possibility of training someone as the in-house SEO expert.

For those that missed the presentation, you may view a screencast of the recorded presentation live below:

You may also view the static Demystifying SEO Power Point presentation below. Slides 24 and 25 have heavy animation. Sorry they do not look well as a static slide.

If you wish to download the presentation, go directly to SlideShare using the links above and use the download feature to download the SEO presentation.

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