Running a good PPC campaign

So you’ve got your million dollar idea – congratulations. Now what are you going to do to market it online? Well, any good internet marketing company will suggest that you start a Pay-per-click ad right away to get immediate exposure. And they’re right. However, if you’re in this for the long run, you should also be focusing on search engine optimization and building your website accordingly. In order to have a successful PPC campaign, you must take many things into consideration. “Success” is an arbitrary word in this case as it is different for every website. For this, I will define Success as getting the right users to your website and having them click on what you want them to click on. The first thing that you must do is your homework to find your niche for your website and what competition exists. If for example you have a website dedicated to a solar-powered car, you may want to look into what terms are being searched for “solar-powered car”. You may learn that only 20 people per month are searching for this term as this is a not a widely known concept. However, you may find out that the term “Hybrid car” is searched over 20,000 times each month. Although this may not be your exact target demographic – it’s in the same vicinity and you can thus test to see what is going to drive the best and most qualified traffic to your site.

Also, you should also go after low-cost keywords as well. This is highly suggested for any new company starting out that doesn’t have a huge budget. So, for example, you wouldn’t want to go after the term “car” because that is not only too broad of a search term, but also it is a highly expensive on a CPC basis.

You also want to write engaging ads for your viewers to see. The viewer will hence see these ads and want to click on them. Be careful and selective in what you write for your description and make sure you have the search term in the ad. This will give you good placement for your ad in the sponsored results page as you’ll have more clicks on it because users will find this relevant. Any good internet marketing company will be able to generate a solid campaign for you and help you with your Pay-per-click campaign.

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