Ready for Google Caffeine?

Are you ready for the Google Caffeine update forewarned to be unleashed in early 2010 after the upcoming holidays?

Google first alluded to this next generation infrastructure shift back on August 10th.

This shifts will change how Google does its crawling, indexing, and ranking as it will be on a much faster scale in many respects can be seen as a response to both Bing & Twitter.

Matt Cutts put everyone on notice at PubCon in Las Vegas this November that Caffeine will be released after the holidays and that your site’s load time will be a factor.

Site loading speed is important not just for better search results but as well for mobile browsers which with Android & the iPhone is exponentially increasing in search share, so Google has provided a tool to help your site get faster.

I directly asked Matt while he was fielding questions during the Search Engine Smackdown at PubCon if the SERPs or Search Engine Result Pages will be rendered in AJAX with the Caffeine update to which he said no, but they are still experimenting with it.

Matt Cutts & Michael Martin playing pool at The Garage in Seattle
Matt Cutts & Michael Martin playing pool at The Garage in Seattle

Just as I learned to not beat Matt Cutts when playing pool if you want to keep your rankings, you should also test your site out before a big Google algorithm shift such as this.

You can test your results on the one Google datacenter containing Caffeine that pushes those results about half the time at

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