Quick Decisions In A Chaotic Environment

Most entrepreneurs know that making difficult decisions isn’t easy, but necessary. Sometimes those decisions lead to success, and other times they lead to a series of learning opportunities. Being afraid of failure can hinder one’s ability to create positive change. Having the self-confidence to admit when you are wrong is the first step in allowing yourself or your business to grow. Quick decisions in chaotic environments are inevitable with a start-up company. The faster you embrace that fact, the sooner you can move on from a bad decision and make a better decision the next time.

Brent Gleeson and Brandon Fishman, serial entrepreneurs and co-founders of Internet Marketing Inc., understand the importance of making quick decisions to move their business forward. When they began their second start-up together, they saw the potential for success. As their business grew, the decisions got tougher – who to hire, who to promote, how to spend money and what direction to take. For any entrepreneur it is important to stay level headed, trust the team around you, and use past experiences to make the most educated decisions.

Brent says it perfectly, “wisdom as an entrepreneur doesn’t come from a series of successes, it comes from learning from your mistakes and continuing to move forward.”

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