Quick Copywriting Tips

That will lead to longer on-site engagement & audience loyalty

Copy-writingAre you looking to create or re-work web copy? Here are a few quick tips that will get you started and headed in the right direction.

Start by defining your audience, and then narrow it down again. Parents in San Diego isn’t specific enough. Working, single-mothers in San Diego is much more specific. You can’t possibly write to your audience if you don’t know who they are. If you can tailor your copy to appeal to your specific audience, you will see a much larger success rate as opposed to writing to please everyone. Speak to your target audience, in their voice, about what they care about. It is really that simple.

Your home page copy is the most important. When people land on your site- they want to know they are in the right place. Tell people where they are, what they can find or what your site has to offer, and most importantly- guide them where to go next. This is the best way to keep visitors from hitting the back button and staying engaged on your site.

People gravitate towards shorter copy first- so if there is something your readers must know, make it a headline or put it in its own paragraph. Never put essential information in the middle of a lengthy paragraph, it will get skimmed at best.

With every multi-syllable word, see if you can replace it with a shorter word. Easily digestible words always work best. People shouldn’t stumble over, or need a dictionary to define your words. Remove unnecessary adjectives and fluffy copy that doesn’t add anything. Strip your copy to the bare bones, only what you need to convey your message. Then you can proceed to add tone and style that will appeal to your audience.

Offending someone is never good, however tip toeing is worse. It is better to take a bit of a stance on something that may not sit well with some people than keeping all of your content neutral. Now that you have defined and narrowed your audience, it should be easier to take a stance that is in line with their beliefs. While you won’t win over everyone, the people who do agree with your stance will have a stronger bond and sense of loyalty to you. Don’t be wishy-washy- be bold in your direction.

These tips will create copy that is targeted, meaningful, and effective.

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