Quality vs Quantity

So you have a website! Congrats! But what is the point of the site? What is your message? How will you get eyeballs on this site? What type of internet marketing will you do? Will these eyeballs stay or wander off into cyberspace? What do you want to get these eyeballs to do? These are a few questions out of many that may cross a website developer’s mind when he or she first creates a website. Among over two billion websites, what sets your website apart? How will you drive traffic to your site? Search Engine Optimization and PPC are key in driving traffic to your site. But you must decide what your website’s goal is. For example, if I’m a chiropractor in Washington D.C. specializing in the NW quadrant of the area, I probably wouldn’t want to target general keywords like “chiropractor.” Why? Well, for one, general keywords are much more expensive to optimize organically and I don’t care that someone in North Dakota would see my site. If I were smart and wanted to grow my business locally, I would optimize terms like “Washington D.C. chiropractor” and even longer terms like “NW Washington D.C. chiropractor.” I would do this because this is targeted traffic. I know that when people search these terms, they are looking specifically for my services. You get the point. So, even if you have the greatest chiropractor business South of the Mason Dixon line, you must target your keywords to generate quality leads.


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