Print Advertising Gets Surpassed By Online Spending For The First Time

With the rapid growth and technological advancements made through the Internet, eMarketers are estimating $39.5 billion will be generated in sales in the year 2012. According to a study by eMarketer, online advertising will continue to prove its worth in this time of economic hardships with a 23.3% increase in spending from 2011. This is nearly six billion more advertising dollars that will be spent in comparison to print ads in newspapers and magazines.

David Hallerman, eMarketer principal analyst, states “Advertisers’ comfort level with integrated marketing is greater than ever, and this is helping more advertisers – and more large brands – put a greater share of dollars online.” This is great news for us in the internet marketing industry, in which we only plan to expand our knowledge and skills in services such as search engine optimization and pay per click advertising as the demand for such services increases.

US online spending is expected to continue to grow in the next half a decade, with a mark of $62 billion anticipated by 2016. Displayed below, is a chart of the estimated spending numbers along with the percent change from the year prior.



With so much emphasis on the Internet and online advertising, those in the traditional industry of newspapers and magazines should pay close attention to this transformation. In 2011, total print ad spending was still approximately $4 billion ahead of online spending; but, displayed in the chart below you can see online spending will pull further and further ahead of the traditional channels of advertising in the years to come.

How do you feel about this Internet revolution? And how will this affect how we reach our target consumers if less and less people are reacting to the traditional means of communication [newspapers, magazines]?

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