Post Mobilegeddon – Predicting Mobile Marketing Trends One Year Later

PostMobilegeddonIt’s hard to think that Mobilegeddon will reach its one-year anniversary in just a few weeks on April 21, 2016. As the first ever Google algorithm update to come with an official pre-release announcement, Mobilegeddon wasn’t so much of a surprise to the SEO community as it was a confirmation of what many were already anticipating – Google was focusing heavily on providing a uniform experience across all devices.

Just two weeks after the announcement, Google officially revealed that mobile searches had overtaken desktop-based queries. It quickly became clear that optimizing for the mobile user would be important for the future of digital marketing.

With Mobilegeddon in our rearview and Google continuously releasing features geared towards providing a pleasing mobile experience, what other trends will be coming soon to a small screen near you?

Rise of the Wearables

Wearable technology is nothing new, but its growth has taken off in the past year, and there are no signs that adoption of the technology will stall anytime soon. Google’s Hummingbird update introduced the idea of optimizing a site based on more natural, conversational-based keywords and search, displaying a better understanding of “near me” and “nearby” requests, but wearable technology will make it so users are receiving relevant and personalized content before they even request it.

Pro Tip: Make sure your content can be quickly digested to adapt to this even-smaller-screened medium.

Optimizing for AMP and Other “Off-page” Results

With mobile-centric features such as Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and in-SERP app streaming going live, marketers will have to adapt to capture traffic from queries that spawn these results. This means that while having a well-optimized website that is mobile-friendly will still be important, SEO content optimization will further evolve past focusing on what is on your site’s traditional web pages.

Local SEO Results Will Get Scary Accurate

As the connected devices we carry continue to become even more aware of our surroundings than we are, local businesses will have no choice but to put in the extra effort to ensure their location and content is prominent in “nearby” and “near me” searches.

Local SEO fundamentals likely won’t change, but the accuracy of location-based searches will, which could affect any business that isn’t paying keen attention to this valuable marketing avenue.

How do you see mobile search evolving over the next year? Are there any specific trends that you’re currently focusing on for a client or your own business? Let us know in the comments below.

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