Pinterest’s Potential To Employers and Job Searchers

Pinterest has recently exploded onto the social media scene as the newest networking platform. Many people use it as a cute way to post interesting recipes, hairstyles and trends. But just as you’ve finally gotten a hold on optimizing your Facebook and Twitter pages, Pinterest poses a new way to make connections in the business world.

Pinterest Potential?

Pinterest has recently reached 6 million users putting the site on the social media radar. The interesting thing about Pinterest is that it does not directly compete with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Instead, it complements the sites by syncing with your Facebook or Twitter account when sharing information.

The potential is in Pinterest’s user-friendly layout that does not demand constant attention. Your friends are not constantly tagging you in unattractive photos and you are not required to constantly update content like your blog. Here’s how it works. All you need is an invite. No about me or profile to fill out—just a series of pinboards about things that interest you.

Pinterest makes it easy to share job information by pinning your career interests on a pinboard. Label it your “job search pinboard” and upload your resume, too. Think of your pinboard as your resume that grows as you do. Pin portfolio work, assignments that you’ve completed or infographics related to you career interests. What is cool about your other personal interest pinboards paint a well-rounded picture to potential employers.

How Internet Marketers Benefit

An internet marketing firm can really benefit from Pinterest. Attention-grabbing photos and infographics allow SEO companies to optimize a client’s online presence through a more simplistic social media platform. Content is still a necessary optimization tool with short snippets added beneath each photo. Consider a link building strategy that inserts a back-link into a photo you posted directing users to your website. Create different pinboards pertaining to different pages on your client’s website. The key is creativity.

How do you think Pinterest will affect the strategies of internet marketers in the near future?

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