Personalizing the company can go a long way

It’s very important these days that companies start to understand the power of personalization. Social media is extremely powerful – more so than many companies these days realize. On Internet Marketing Inc’s blog, you can see many short video clips from many of the staff members – talking about different types of search engine optimization, optimized landing pages, and updates about the company. I think this will be a continuous type of blogging through Internet Marketing Inc because they seem to understand that clients and people visiting the site want more than just text to read – they want to be entertained and learn through video. These short clips, although they may have some humor in them, are primarily produced because Internet Marketing Inc believes in constant education of the entire interactive industry for their clients and other visitors.

Companies should realize heed this model and start developing short clips about their company – involving their employees, their products and/or services that are sold. If done well, I would assume that companies would see an increase of visitors and they would be staying for a longer period of time on the site. This is also a great way to educate in depth with some character, how your company works. Character is also extremely important – I want to do business with a company that makes me feel good and if I can start seeing that a company cares enough to produce short clips about themselves that brings me in to their world, I would be very much inclined to want to learn more and perhaps even do business with them.

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