Passion for projects

There’s this place downtown that I swear by for serving the best burger I have ever tasted or dreamed about. It wasn’t an accident that I ended up there: it had actually been right down the street from where I was interning, and we worked with the restaurant’s owners often. However, my personal adoration of their burgers was infectious. Soon, all my friends were going there and bringing their families and praising their burgers, and I felt good about myself. I did good. I probably could’ve just lied about liking the burgers, and my enthusiasm would’ve still converted to friends trying out the food and perhaps even liking it.

Now the job of internet marketing companies is not to lie about their clients in order to make them look good; a professional, self-respecting company wouldn’t partner with a client they disagreed with and disapproved of anyways. That said, a professional, self-respecting company will be passionate about its projects and visibly invested in its clients. They are engaged in the development of your business. They are as passionate about you as I am about good burgers. (mouth waters)

Social media should function likewise. Social media need not be just formal announcements or extremely dry blogs. They should be bursting with sincerity, dedication, and most definitely a personal touch. This type of social media networking catches people’s attention and marks your company as one that is vibrant and involved.

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