Pages Indexed and Link Popularity

There are many factors that go into a healthy SEO campaign. If you work with a good internet marketing company that uses the correct tactics, two of the most important factors in your SEO campaign will be increasing the number of pages on your site and increasing the number of links that Google recognizes. There is a simple test you can run to see how many pages Google has indexed and how many links they recognize. Go to the Google search bar and type in: (The will show you how many pages have been indexed_ (This will show you how many links are recognized by Google.

This test will also work with Yahoo as well. If you are trying to rank for a certain keyword, look at all the sites on the first page of Google and run these tests on those sites. You will have to get more links and more pages than some of those sites to rank on the first page. The best way to grow pages is with good new content and new blog posts. Using Word Press or other blog software, every new blog you write will act as a new page that Google indexes on your site. When you are growing links, you must do it organically. This means you should write on other blogs, issue press releases, and create online press for your website. Do not trade links with other sites: this practice is frowned upon by Google.

Increase your pages and increase your links in a slow and healthy fashion and you will have a solid SEO campaign. These are only two important features out of many, so check with your Internet marketing company and make sure you are following the right SEO practices.


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