[Video] Does Page Speed Matter For SEO?

Page Speed refers to the amount of time it takes for your website to load on a desktop, mobile or other portable device. When your site takes too much time to render, it can affect your search engine rankings and also have an impact on the number of people that see your website. Learn more in this video!

Everyone gets frustrated when a website loads slowly. Some people get annoyed and others move on to the next search result. This will create an undesirable user experience in the eyes of the search engines. Site speed directly correlates to a decrease in the number of conversions because ‘page load time’ can have an impact on bounce rate, Adwords quality score, organic rankings and the user experience.

Google has a page speed tool that can measure the load time of your website called Page Speed Online. It allows you compare your site to your competitors, helps you evaluate if there is an issue and gives specific suggestions for making your website faster. The ranking is from 0-100 points and the higher the score the faster the site speed. Google Analytics can track page load time statistics to help you analyze page performance for mobile and desktop devices.

User experience is a ranking factor in Google’s algorithm because Google wants to provide the best search results for its visitors. The easier you make it for users to engage with your website, the more value and conversions you will receive in return. In this video, Benj Arriola, Vice President of SEO gives some quick tips on how to improve your page speed.

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