Optimizing Your Website for Organic Search – eMarketing Association Conference 2014 (eM14)

eMarketing Association Conference - eM14

March 25 and 26, 2014 was the eMarketing Association Conference 2014, also called eM14, held at the Marriott Hotel in Union Square, San Francisco. Gathered were several thought leaders who spoke about various digital marketing topics that revolve around SEO, PPC, social media, email marketing, mobile marketing and more. I spoke at 2 panel discussions and 1 main presentation session. In the main session, I was assigned the topic of Optimizing Your Website for Organic Search. It’s been a while since I have spoken on a somewhat general, high-level overview type of SEO presentation compared to the more specific and focused advanced topics in other conferences. The last time I spoke about SEO at a high level in a conference was about 4 years ago, but it is always a nice feeling to present the basics to a knowledge-hungry audience. You have a feeling of fulfilment in helping influence and shape other people’s lives into a career of SEO.

I had recorded the live audio of my presentation and I intended to overlay that on my PowerPoint presentation, but the audio was difficult to decipher due to a muffled sound. Instead I am still sharing the same presentation but re-recorded the audio so it is clearer. The video link is below. Many were asking me at the conference for a copy of my presentation, so below the video I also included my PowerPoint presentation embedded as a Slideshare document.

The audience of eMarketing Association is not like your typical advanced knowledge PubCon or SMX audience. The eM14 audience was mostly small business owners as well as digital marketing personnel of some of the businesses in attendance. There were also some knowledgeable people in the audience who were often your co-speakers on other topics for other sessions.

If you have any questions, feel free to tweet me the questions to @benjarriola and still use the same conference hashtag #em14 so I know it is a conference-related question. But don’t be surprised with the type of tweets you’ll find on that hashtag. Apparently it is being used by the eMarketing Association for the 2014 conference, and the website Encuentro Madrid seems to be using the exact same hashtag.

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