Optimizing Content "Share-ability" on Facebook

As Facebook becomes a more popular means of getting a marketing company’s campaign out to the public, the issue of whether people are actually taking an interest in the content comes to the forefront. Its one thing to create appealing content that you think people will like, it is another thing for people to actually like and share it. Since marketing a brand on Facebook does not turn into direct purchases, it is important that any advertising is shared amongst users and spreads to many people to create that brand awareness that internet marketing teams hope will turn into sales. But how does one go about doing this? In an infographic released by social media expert Dan Zarella, he outlines what he found to be the best ways to increase likes and shares of your content, to increase brand awareness.

In his research, Zarella found that pictures brought in the most likes, along with first person words such as “I” and “me”. He also recommends not being neutral on a topic and creating some kind of tension by being either positive or negative. These are only a couple of the many aspects he found to affect content on Facebook. Check out the infographic for all the details.

The key, as always, is to create compelling content that will grab a consumer’s attention. With these small tips, you can boost your content’s appeal so that it receives that much more traffic on the web.

Let us know what works and doesn’t work for you. Do you have better tactics?

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