On The Air So Let’s Hangout With Google+

What is a better way to share those special moments between your family and friends then with Google+ Hangouts? Google announced last month via their blog that their social networking site will offer you the ability to “hangout” with your friends online. The days of commenting back and forth on a status update are over as users can go beyond the typical “status sharing” and begin a live face-to-face video chat.

The idea behind Google+’s Hangout is to initiate a live, instant chat whenever you and your fellow followers read or write a compelling status update. Have a funny picture or an interesting news feed? The Hangout button will be seen at the bottom of every status update and you can click the Hangout tab and the poster will be notified that you are interested in video chatting. If the chat has already started then that will be notified on the wall.

On Air Hangout
Move over Skype and Facetime, in addition to Hangout a program called On Air provides a broadcasting platform to record and post live videos. While on the go do you want to share a baseball game or a new dance you learned? Google+ Hangout mobile allows an instant video stream to capture those feel good moments. We have already seen the Black Eyed Peas, the Dalai Lama and even the Muppets use and promote On Air but Google is now releasing the feature to a larger list of celebrities, public figures, and powerful social media users with a large following. Although many of us are unable to use it, the ability to chat or perform a presentation to a large audience raises some interest. The platform is also connected to YouTube and is completely self service which makes On Air Hangout a very enticing program to use in the future.

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