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Incorporating Interactive Marketing Into Your Content Strategy

Now Read This 5-26-2016

Not all content is king–at least not anymore. Consumers don’t want to be fed a brand’s story via static, run-of-the-mill content. They would much rather prefer to help tell that story by interacting with the brand on a very real level. (See our Forrester’s Marketing 2016 recap for more details.) If you’re a brand that’s not using interactive content, you need to figure out ASAP how it will fit into your strategy.

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Tie Your Sites Together With Property Sets in Search Console

Google Logo

Google Search Console now lets you combine multiple properties into a single group. Say goodbye to having too many reports to keep track of (thank goodness). This update allows you to monitor clicks and impressions for both apps and websites within the same report.

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Instagram’s Analytics Will Offer Audience Demographics, Post Impressions, Reach & More

Instagram Analytics

Are you ready for another Instagram update? Instagram is planning to roll out in-app analytics including follower demographics and post engagement. While we’re still coping with the new icon and interface, we’re definitely excited about this update.

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How to Write Captivating Email Subject Lines

Email Marketing

Everyone knows the subject line is the most important component to an email. It’s the main difference between getting your email opened and being permanently lost in the black abyss of a user’s inbox. Find out how to write compelling subject lines and avoid the dreaded “Unsubscribe” button.

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What Do the World’s Most Popular Logos Have in Common?

Apple Logo

Brands such as Apple, Google, and Nike have some of the most well-known logos of all time. But, what exactly makes them so successful? It turns out many successful logos share five specific graphic design characteristics.

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What’s Flat 2.0 and Why Should You Care?

Flat 2.0

Flat design was one of the biggest design trends…until Flat 2.0 came into the picture. Flat 2.0 combines the best of flat design with more user-friendly additions. It’s the design style approved by both designers and users alike.

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The Benefits of Handwriting vs. Typing The Benefits of Handwriting vs. Typing

Remember writing little notes to the cute girl in high school? (Or cute guy, etc.) Now it’s all text this and hashtag that. It’s all,”CC me and BCC the entire company. And reply all, to be safe.” What happened to actually writing? Taking notes with a pen? Revisiting your cursive letters? This infographic goes through the undeniable benefits of writing by hand versus going for your keyboard.



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