Not Optimizing for Mobile Is Costing Your Business Big Bucks


mobile optimizationIn 2016, one thing was made certain; mobile e-commerce was a huge player in driving revenue.

We are amidst a great shift in consumer buying behavior with people purchasing via digital more than ever.  This can be seen in an Adweek article, Cyber Monday Sales Totaled $3.45 Billion, Which Set a New Ecommerce Record Up 12% year-over-year”. First reported by Adobe, Cyber Monday alone drove over $3.45 billion this recent holiday season, up 12% from 2015.

Another stat that demonstrates digital dominance: November facilitated about $40 billion in e-commerce dollars, with all but one day generating $1 billion in Internet revenue. Adobe’s report is based on aggregated and anonymous data from 23 billion visits to retail websites in the United States.  All of these figures are overwhelming evidence illustrating the rise to prominence of e-commerce, but everybody knows that online sales are growing.

What does any of this have to do with mobile? The following excerpt from a Media Post article is an eye-opening circumstance, which exhibits the imperative role that mobile plays for any business’ bottom line.

Purchases through smartphones and tablets started strong early in the day, but slowed in the evening. Revenue from mobile rose 34% year over year (YoY) to $1.07 billion, but at the end of the day came in $130 million less than Black Friday. Mobile drove 47% of visits to retail websites, about 38% came from smartphones and 9% from tablets. Smartphones also drove purchases with 22% share, compared with 9% from tablets”.

Changing the Game

Businesses can no longer ignore their website’s mobile UX (user experience) and have it look like a diminished version of their desktop website. Today’s consumer is very familiar with apps, and has been spending more time on their smartphones and tablets more than ever. Be that as it may, brands continue to make the mistake of ignoring these trends and failing to meet the needs of the increasingly technologically savvy consumer.  

Smartphones were used for one-third of all purchases. For businesses withholding updating their websites for mobile optimization, this is not a testament to the future, because the world of mobile sales has been occurring in the present for quite some time.  A little under half of all visits to retail websites were derived from the mobile platform. It’s easy to see that the denial of these macro trends, or turning a blind eye to the mobile realm has lead to lost profits for brands who are refusing these truths.  

Optimizing for Growth

Although mobile continues to grab market share each year, there is still much more growth needed before it surpasses desktop as the market median leader.  To accompany this increase in mobile usage and stay relevant, brands are going to have to wake up and remove issues from their mobile experiences.  

The key to mobile optimization is to simplify, simplify, and simplify more.  Some of the most downloaded mobile commerce apps such as Amazon, Groupon, and Zappos are renowned for their easy-to-use UX platforms, and have consequentially reaped increased profits. One indicative tip for mobile simplification and organization would be to utilize all white space.  

White space gives your website a cleaner, more sophisticated appearance, but also serves a functional role so that users can easily click on the intended option with ease. Another shortcoming that brands face with their mobile efforts is a failure to match the branding elements from their standard websites to their mobile websites. Acting as a brand touch point, your mobile site should reflect and promote brand essence. This also is effective because it triggers familiarity for those who have already been in contact with your brand.  

Don’t Miss the Mobile Opportunity

So with all of this in mind, if you think your mobile website isn’t up to par, and you feel as if your business might have missed out on some serious holiday cash, don’t wait any longer! It’s an issue that if addressed, would make an immediate positive impact for sales, and would be a wise investment worthwhile long-term, as consumers are only spending more time on their phones and tablets.  

Don’t get left in the dust, and join millions of others who have been capitalizing on this enormous opportunity, the world’s largest shift in consumer shopping behavior.  

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