Next Generation iPhone Prototype Left at a Bar… Again

Apple made headlines back in March 2010 when one of their esteemed software engineers happened to leave a prototype of the iPhone 4 at a Redwood City bar. This prototype managed to find its way into the hands of who subsequently posted many of the iPhone 4’s secrets on their popular blog.

Apparently Apple didn’t learn its lesson the first time. Reports. are in that an Apple employee has once again lost a prototype for a yet-to-be-released iPhone model. The employee in question left the iPhone 5 prototype at a San Francisco tequila bar. The iPhone 5 isn’t supposed to be officially released until later this year.

Apple used the location software in the missing prototype to track the phone to a home in the Bernal Heights neighborhood of San Francisco. When interviewed by the authorities, the resident of the home denied knowing anything about the missing prototype, but did admit to being at the same tequila bar on the night of the incident. A search of the home yielded no results.

This brings up a major question: Could this really be just an unlucky coincidence? Or is this a ploy by Apple to drum up excitement and buzz for the new iPhone?


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