New Valuations For Organic Google Rankings

In a new study conducted by Slingshot SEO, the values of the top spots in organic Google rankings have changed with the number one position at about half of its previous worth.  Using various tools including Authority Labs and Google applications, Slingshot SEO gathered data from more than 170,000 user visits and 324 keywords over the course of six months.

The results show very similar overall outcomes to previous studies yet it reveals different numerical values.  The study concludes that the top Google search result gets 18.2% of clicks, 10.1% for second, 7.2 for third and 4.8% for fourth.  Past studies like the one done by Optify in December last year have these numbers at higher values – the #1 spot is at 36.4%, #2 at 12.5, #3 at 9.5 and #4 at 8%.

The study didn’t stop at numbers.  Various explanations have been offered for this discrepancy including seasonality, Long-Tail terms, data sets and perceptions but the outcome doesn’t change.  Basically, get your site as close as possible to the top of the first page of results.  It has been emphasized that the two studies should not be labeled as denouncing one another but, in fact, complimenting each other do to different data pools.  The Slingshot SEO study has suggested, however, that positions 2, 3 and 4 are getting looked at more frequently. This is good news for businesses with keywords not ranking in the #1 position but close to it! We’ll be monitoring this ourselves as well. For more on this discussion visit: SearchEngineWatch

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