New Opportunities For Music Publishers – Watch More Music Videos On YouTube

Team Google remain strong! Thanks to Google, Google assisted YouTube through the whole agreement with major music publishers. According to the article, “YouTube Makes a Deal with Music Publishers,” Google has made an arrangement that will allow YouTube to put the copyrighted materials online with a group of music publishers, including the National Music Publishers Association (NMPA) and Harry Fox Agency (HFA).  Of  course, Google will take care of the royalty’s fee.

YouTube announced this great news on Wednesday, August 17th on YouTube official blog page.  Both YouTube and a group of music publishers expect profits to increase from the great number of YouTube users and fans. With the agreement with HFA, YouTube will be able to represent 46,000 music publishers and license their musical compositions. While users play their music video, YouTube will run ads alongside, which represent the compositions, publishers and singer songwriters. In this way, publishers are able to generate profits. YouTube will continue encouraging HFA to invite more music publishers to join their services.

Another advantage in taking a part of new YouTube community is YouTube’s Content ID system. Using this Content ID system, YouTube can easily identify the precise information on each music video. It will not only improve YouTube creative aspect, but also help increasing the revenue for the composition of music. Content ID will provide more performance opportunities for their song as well. It is indeed a win-win situation for both YouTube and Music Publishers.

Although the deal was made between YouTube and publishers, it will also benefit recording artists and record labels. YouTube can run ads alongside only when the copyright holders authorize, and YouTube has already made agreements with four major record labels and many independent labels. Now, YouTube will be able to make even more profits with this agreement with music publishers that we all will benefit from.

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