New Facebook Integration for WordPress Announced

Ever wish you could mention your Facebook friends on your WordPress blog posts? Well, now you can. Earlier this week, Facebook’s developer blog shared the news that they have teamed up with WordPress allowing the social media site and popular blog publishing platform to incorporate content simultaneously on the two sites. Internet marketing companies are especially affected by this new update since it provides excellent opportunities for their social media marketing packages. Prior to this feature, doing something like this would require an extensive background in coding.

With the new updates, and VIP users and administrators can easily add their blog posts onto Facebook with only one click. Posts can be displayed on Timeline and any of the Facebook pages a user manages. Facebook developer engineers and open source parters created the update to allow users to mention the names of friends and pages allowing one to further share content online.

This new development also provides huge potential for pay per click internet marketing  since WordPress powers 16.6% of the web attracting over 600 million unique users on a monthly basis and then Facebook has over 900 million users, so this creates a huge potential audience for internet marketing advertising campaigns.

Looking towards the future, this new incorporation is sure to affect both websites ultimately creating a more social experience for WordPress users and providing Facebook users with easy direct access to millions of blogs.


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