New Apple Operating System OS X Mountain Lion Released for Developers

Apple is releasing a preview of their new operating system, Mountain Lion, for developers today. Now, Mountain Lion isn’t finished yet, it should be released during this summer for users, but this preview still provides a lot of insight into the new software that will be running on Apple platforms. There will be a lot of big changes coming out with Mountain Lion, and the best online marketing agency out there is here to elaborate on a few of the most important ones.

iCloud Innovation

The first major new feature from Mountain Lion is the iCloud innovation. One of the advantages of the new iCloud features is automatic saving. Many applications and documents in the iWork apps suite will automatically save in real time. The Documents Library will display all your documents in real time and even sort by application. Mountain Lion is also seamlessly connected with iOS 5, the operation system for mobile devices like the iPad and iPhone. If you make a change to a document on your iPhone, it will update instantly on your Mac computer and vice-versa.

Notification Center

The next big feature is the new notification center. This notification center will be very much like the one on iOS 5. There are two different notifications you will receive from Mountain Lion: Banners and Alerts. Banners show up then fade away after a few seconds, and Alerts pop-up and give you the option to close or show. For now, the push notifications only come from Apple applications (like Safari, Mail, and Reminders), but down the line, third party apps should be able to be part of this.

So Long iChat

“Messages” is a whole new application that will essentially replace iChat. The goal of this application is to provide a dashboard for all your messages including IM messages. Don’t worry, this app includes group messaging and FaceTime. This app also features drag and drop for easy sharing of videos and photos from your computer.

Easy to Share

The last new feature I will touch on is probably the most important update yet, Mountain Lion’s sharing. With iOS 5 on your iPhone or iPad, it’s easy to share almost anything with a quick touch. This feature is now being transferred to the new iOS X. Now if you’re browsing a website on your computer, you can share whatever content you’re viewing with only a couple clicks. Even better, Vimeo and Flickr have worked with Apple developers to integrate their software, so users can share pictures and videos system-wide.

Now a big surprise is that Facebook is not part of this system wide sharing, however Twitter is. Facebook and Apple don’t have as great a relationship as Twitter, plus in some aspects, they are competitors because Facebook is an application platform. This is huge for Twitter and a great step, and any sem company should listen up. Twitter functionality will now be built into every new Mac and every Mac with updated software. Not only does this integrate quick, easy, system-wide content sharing to Twitter, but it also allows Twitter to become an authentication service. Apps can elect to choose Twitter to ease sign-ups, this allows users to access apps way quicker. This may be a little hint that internet marketing management companies should start focusing a little bit more on Twitter campaigns.

Again, Mountain Lion will be released for users in the summer, but today provides great insight into what the future operating system holds. There are a ton of other new features that I haven’t touched on that will be coming out. We can only wait to see what else Apple has up its sleeves.

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