New Adwords Interface… Deal with it!

As time has progressed the reliability and and face of Google AdWords has remained a mainstay in online paid search campaigns. Google Adwords has not made a major face lift to the Adwords interface in quite a few years. There have been some major changes along the way such as: Cost per action options, enhancements to view where in the world your content network ads are going, and the ever popular summary option of seeing the content network and paid search successes in separate fields.

Well now, Google much as it has done in the past with other platforms, has pulled the rug out from under us all and forced us to use a new version of one of their products without consensus or choice. The new Google Adwords interface has is the latest Google 800 lbs gorilla change. The new Adwords interface has many new features that will eventually make updating campaigns, ad groups and ads easier in the future. But for the time being seems foreign to a lot of us that have grown so accustomed to the current Adwords interface being that old reliable steak and potatoes dinner that feed are paid search campaigns.

In the coming weeks and months as Google has mandated we will all be forced from the steak and potatoes we all knew so well, and adapt to the new salmon and pilaf rice that Google is forcing us to consume with the new interface. Good online marketering is always about adapting to change, so there will be growing pains in the beginning, but in a few months the new interface will be our steak and potatoes once again. Hang in there.

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