From the Mouth of a Marketer: Why Content Is the Heart of Your Marketing Team

Content is the Heart of your marketing team
Content marketing has maintained a steady run of buzzworthiness, which has brands excited and ready to spend big money on good writers. The reality, though, is content has always been important.

It’s always been cool.

No matter the medium you use to deliver your content or the time of day you decide to send it, what remains at the heart of any campaign is the story you are telling.

This is universal across all brands and all demographics. It is as impactful as it is timeless.

Content teams have quietly been the workhorse for years, churning out words that make consumers buy your products. Spinning bios and bullets points into compelling copy that will make people trust you, choose you. Every touchpoint of your marketing plan depends on content.

Queried terms and post shares won’t matter if you don’t have content to fill the void.

Content is where the story begins.

What Happens When Content Goes Missing


The Good: SEOs are the brains behind your marketing success. SEO experts perform keyword research, strategize link building opportunities, and report key performance indicators, so you can make timely changes without wasting too much time or money.

The Bad: The technical elements of your website are ready to go, but no one knows about it because while you set up your framework, you didn’t actually write anything to fill it in.

The Ugly: Your SERP position struggles because you haven’t produced any content for months and if you did, it’s a quick 200 words of thin content to simply avoid a blank page. Additionally, users aren’t convinced you’re still relevant because you haven’t posted to your blog for two years, so they click right off and go somewhere else.

Social Media

The Good: Social media teams are your brand’s mouthpiece. They ensure your message is getting out to as many people as possible, at the right time and the right amount.

The Bad: It’s difficult to get much engagement or raise a lot of chatter for content that’s lackluster or worse, simply doesn’t exist.

The Ugly: How can you know what resonates with your audience, if you’re only offering a sporadic message that doesn’t align with your brand or (eep!) is grammatically incorrect and looks spammy?

Paid Media

The Good: Paid media is the lung power you need to breathe extra life into your campaigns. While this team can tell you exactly which terms are converting, cost-per-click, and can optimize a budget like nobody’s business, your campaign sits empty without messaging.

The Bad: Due to character limitations of paid campaigns, crafting the right ad means you have one, short shot to get it right. Otherwise, your spend suffers.

The Ugly: With poorly written ads, you run the risk of appearing like a used car salesman rather than a reputable brand that entices people to click to your landing page or even consider you at all.

Content may be the connecting factor of all marketing teams, but no team can fully function without the other. Working together makes a campaign stronger and more successful.

From slideshow presentations and blog posts to email campaigns and how-to videos, people are consuming hours upon hours of content every day and guess what, someone wrote all that.

The strongest content teams aren’t just writing copy. They’re thinking about your response before you even read it. They are the ones who persuade you to click, buy, promote, and evangelize to a point of loyalty. The heart of your marketing team lies within content, the team who says it all without having to utter a single word.


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