Mobile Local Fusion – How To Make Your Google Places Page A Mobile Website

Turn Your Google Places Page Into A Mobile Website

Because yesterday was Labor Day, I didn’t post our regular video post in the morning. Instead, I filmed it yesterday, and waited to post it this morning. Being a holiday, I decided to be less formal and film the video on the road. I hope you don’t mind. I promise, the content will make up for the bumpy footage!

These days, everyone is talking about mobile marketing and how important it is to optimize websites for mobile search and to have mobile websites. I completely agree. It is the mobile local fusion era now.

More consumers are looking for good and services in their local areas, and when they are, the amount of mobile searches for local businesses are increasing. This highlights a shift in the way people think, search, shop, and in general, behave.

Today, people leave their homes with their keys, wallets, and mobile phones. Soon, even keys and wallets can be (and will be) integrated into cell phones.

The information super highway is going mobile, and if your business doesn’t have a mobile optimized website, you’re not leveraging the change in how people find local businesses.

In this video, I talk about how you can leverage the integration between mobile and local marketing by showing you how you can use mobile redirect scripts to make your Google Places page your company’s mobile website.

Let me know your thoughts, and if you have some neat ways of leveraging the mobile local fusion movement for internet businesses or brick and mortar companies. Hope you like this week’s video!

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