Microsoft’s Bing + Yahoo = What for SEO?

Update: Yahoo and Microsoft have already announce the transition that started last August 17, is now finalized this August 24.

Probably what many SEO companies do out there is run online ranking reports. And most of the time you would run a Google Ranking Report (if it still makes sense to), a Yahoo ranking report and Bing ranking report. And sometimes, if the time permits, Ask ranking reports are also made. It’s more than a year since we have been seeing Microsoft in it’s various attempts to buy Yahoo and took a while to materialize. And when this finally happened, both search engines still functioned individually.

Yahoo will now show Bing Results

Today, Yahoo & Microsoft has announced that Yahoo in United States and Canada will now show Bing results. So does it still make sense to run ranking reports on Yahoo if you are US based? I wonder is the Universal Search(I know this is a Google term) or Blended Search elements would still be the same too? We still have a lot of questions on how things will behave.

Yahoo & Bing organic search results will be combined
Yahoo & Bing organic search results will be combined

Will the More Info callout in Bing exist in Yahoo? Will the news results also be powered by Bing’s algorithm? Will related search keywords also be the same? I guess we will just have to wait and see.

SEO Tools Dependent on Yahoo Data

What is the future of Yahoo Search BOSS, YQL, and what many SEO’s love, Yahoo Site Explorer, Search Monkey, Maps and other Geo-Location applications and MyBlogLog. So far with the integration with Bing, this is what we have gathered.

Yahoo Developer Services & Bing Integration Summary
Yahoo Developer Services & Bing Integration Summary
Yahoo Service Will it Still Work? Bing Data? Other Details
Yahoo Search BOSS Yes Not yet. But in near future, web and image search results will be pulled form Bing. News and other search -related services from Yahoo. They are considering adding some type of revenue model so developers can monetize their API usage. Unfortunately, when that happens, the API will be a paid service.
YQL Yes, but some services will not be supported by the end of the year. Web Search, Image Search, News Search, and Site Explorer API will be disabled through YQL. YQL will still work with Yahoo! Term Extractor, Related Suggestion, Spelling Suggestion. No. Yahoo is committed in making this scalable and continuously available to developers.
Search Monkey No. The developer tool will close Oct 1, 2010. But that does not mean enhanced results will no longer appear on Yahoo. They still will. Yahoo is switching over to a app development format where developers make lightwight apps to install on Yahoo. These data feeds for rich SERPs powered by Yahoo, will be added on to the Bing powered SERPs. This tells me Bing’s cashback may not exist in Yahoo. Actually I haven’t been hearing about their Cashback program in a while. Not sure if it still exist.
Site Explorer Yes, but will merge with Bing Webmaster Center. Bing will be more for feed submissions and Yahoo will be more on richer analysis of organic search traffic. Yes, mainly for feed submissions. No comment. We love Site Explorer and hopefully when it merges with Bing Webmaster Center, the awesomeness is still there. And if you want to keep it that way, Yahoo is getting webmaster feedback and they will be sending this over to the Bing Webmaster Center team so more people showing what they want may help these features be retained.
Maps, Geo, Local Some will work, some not. Indefinite. Geodata may not only come from Yahoo and Bing but also from their partner Nokia. More details will be released in September.
MyBlogLog The API is shutting down. But MyBlogLog itself, they are not sure if it is continuing or not. Looks like Bing is just disconnected to this. No comment, when MyBlogLog first came out with this, at a very young age of the company, Yahoo bought them right away. I liked them when it initially came out… then… Google connect, Facebook connect, twitter… hmmm that already tells me MyBlogLogs future. Does not look so bright to me.

So what will SEO’s do from this point forward?

I guess for several more years, it will still be same. Optimize for Google and do standard SEO best practices and do not pay attention to Yahoo and Bing. Then just run automated ranking reports on Yahoo or Bing and see the incoming traffic from them and report on them when needed. 🙂

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