The Only Guide You Need: Measuring the ROI of Content Marketing

Content Marketing ROIContent marketing has the power to generate three times the leads of traditional marketing, for 62% less cost, making it a highly desirable tactic for businesses and marketers. Successful content marketing efforts, however, require a plan for measurability to manage the risks and costs associated with consistent creation and publishing.

Measurement Matters

Measuring ROI for your brand is important because it allows you to accurately leverage your efforts, and offers greater cross-departmental collaboration, which helps acquire more leads, create better conversions, and close deals. Although there is a host of challenges with measuring impact, developing a plan will help you fine tune your efforts in the future for even more meaningful returns.

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Benefits of Measurement

Measuring ROI allows you to understand the true costs of your current program, implement goal setting, identify KPIs, and establish a comprehensive reporting plan. Intelligent identification of goals and KPIs let you know if you are close to your targets, and can help you make necessary changes to reduce wasted time and money on ineffective efforts. Developing and implementing a set strategy will help you craft content with the maximum impact, and provide valuable information about your target audiences’ behaviors and preferences.

Content marketing ROI

Content Marketing at a Glance

  • Content marketing cost-per-lead is nearly 3.5 times less than paid search over time
  • 41% of marketers confirm content marketing’s positive ROI
  • 92% plan to spend money on content marketing
  • 22% lack a clear measurement strategy
  • 37% are tracking true measures of engagement


Get a Step-by-Step Guide

It’s likely your brand is already engaging in some form of content marketing, but if you’re not measuring ROI, chances are you’re missing opportunities for success. Download our eBook for all the steps you need to identify KPIs and build a measurement strategy that uses data and analytics to provide insight on what efforts are creating the highest returns. Once you have a plan in place, you will be well on your way to creating content that actually helps you reach your brand’s goals.

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