May 2009 Google PageRank Update

Recently, Google made an update to the Google Toolbar page rank algorithm. We saw an increase in our Page rank from a 4 to a 5 over the past couple of days. Internet Marketing Inc. has worked vehemently on meeting the Google guidelines of being a well optimized and relevant site for Google Natural Search, since its inception. Although, you should not solely rely on PageRank as a main factor for your success or failure as a site. You should instead consider PageRank as a possible sign to what you are doing right or wrong as a website.

Google has specifically stated (FAQ: Crawling, indexing & ranking) that page rank is one of over 200 factors in the ranking of website.  When a site begins to meet all the criteria for being a well indexed site in Google, than your success can be reflected in your PageRank. Most good websites all have the following components, great internal site structure, good relevant content, strong external links to the site, and smart seo tagging of their pages. These factors plus PageRank all can equate out to a well indexed site in Google Natural Search.

In conclusion, PageRank is a factor in your ranking and component of website success, but not necessarily everything. Your actual page ranking in Google Natural Search, traffic to your site and conversions on your site are the most important barometers of your success.

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