Maximizing Your Shopping Cart Solutions

There are increasingly better technology solutions for e-commerce websites including existing e-commerce platforms and shopping cart software. Many companies will build these from scratch to suit their exact needs but there are many very good and compatible products that can be easily integrated into your current site. When done properly you will decrease bounce rates and improve conversions/sales.

Some useful tips include:

  • Maximizing the simplicity of your shopping process: use white space and focus on the products
  • Use obvious and simple calls to action (BUY NOW): you want the user to engage the shopping cart process easily and quickly
  • Decrease the number of steps it takes for the user to finalize their purchase and enter a credit card
  • Ensure the user of the security levels of your site
  • Minimize the number of questions you ask the user during the purchase process
  • Let the user know how many steps there are and when they are almost done
  • Place up-sells after the transaction so they stay focused on the purchase

All of these are great (and simple) Internet marketing tips for sites with an e-commerce focus. Internet Marketing Inc. approaches client relationships as a business development consultancy.  We are in business to improve your business. Using sophisticated website development techniques, and sound Search Engine Optimization strategies ensures that our clients will improve the ROI for the marketing budgets they set in place.

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