Maximize Your Marketing Impact in 2009

Every company out there today is trying to maximize the impact of their marketing budgets and strategy.  Most are embracing the cost effective and measurable aspects to online marketing.  A comprehensive Internet marketing strategy executed correctly can generate more business and reach a larger audience than traditional media…its that simple. 

Follow these six steps to maximize your Internet marketing impact in 2009:

  • (Step One) Analyze your current online presence and understand your competitors:  The most effective way to set initial benchmarks is to analyze your current website and any current or past Internet marketing campaigns.  From this research you can determine if your current website will support your new goals or if you need to redevelop it.  Equally as important is to research your online competitors so you can see what kind of strategies they use and how effective they are.  Knowing your online competitors is imperative to understanding how to beat them!
  • (Step Two) Set specific goals:  Goal setting is the most crucial aspect to developing any marketing strategy.  These are not just marketing goals but true business goals (i.e. what are you going to do to grow your business and stay competitive). Your online marketing campaign should be a direct reflection of your goals and be designed specifically for achieving those goals.
  • (Step Three) Set budgets for the year:  Determine what you can realistically afford to invest in your marketing strategy.  Internet marketing is NOT like buying advertising…it is s true investment in the future of your business and can have lasting effects that will increase revenue and brand awareness.  Your budgets need to be placed intelligently and be realistic according to the competitiveness of the industry. 
  • (Step Four)  Determine what Internet marketing channels are most appropriate:  Internet marketing can include some or all of the following:  consulting, website design, organic search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click advertising (PPC), social media marketing, email marketing, online video marketing,  conversion optimization, online reputation management, and online media buying.  All aspects of your strategy need to compliment one another…including offline and online components.
  • (Step Five)  Prepare the foundation for your campaign:  Many times the best foundation starts with a new website that is designed for conversions depending on your goals.
  • (Step Six)  Execute, analyze, and adjust:  Constant monitoring and adjusting will drastically improve the ongoing effectiveness of your campaign. 

So how do you accomplish all this and still stay focused on running your business?  Hire an Internet marketing company that can put all these things in motion!

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