Marketers Learn Lesson From Facebook’s Instagram Acquisition

Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram has created quite a buzz in the online world. From the exorbitant valuation of the deal to the competitive motivation to make the transaction, Facebook has taught internet marketing a few lessons in content creation versus content distribution.
Before Facebook acquired Instagram, the site was exclusively a way to distribute information. With the exception of typed statuses, Facebook users left the actual creation of content up to others like Spotify for music or Zynga for games. Instagram provides a technology platform for users to both create and share information. This allows for deeper user interaction, which is important to Facebook.
There are three lessons that Facebook’s Instagram acquisition has taught us:

1. Partner with marketing companies who specialize in content creation instead of reinventing the wheel. Doing this can actually result in far more engagement than expected because you have a stronger expertise in both areas.

2. Facebook and Instagram are both strong in content creation and distribution, so leverage each platform’s expertise instead of trying to create something similar from scratch.

3. Make room for the amateurs. Instagram and Pinterest allow the user to post and share. The pros create cool content that users will want to share, but it is the consumers themselves who bring reach.

Internet marketers will consistently be challenged to adapt to these trends and provide meaningful content that people will want to share. How do you think Facebook’s Instagram acquisition will affect the Internet marketing industry?

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