How to Market Your Hospitality Brand for Company Events

hospitality eventsLooking to attract companies to host events at your hotel? If so, consider the following key tips on maximizing your chances of earning new business.

Your hotel is most likely designed to attract two types of clients: guests on vacation and guests who need space to host attendees as part of a conference, tradeshow, seminar, or educational opportunity. To attract corporate clients and increase the frequency of bookings at your hotel, consider the following tips.

Partner with Planners

When a big business looks for meeting or event space, they often designate an event planner within their company to partner with the marketing team and/or sales division at their hotel of choice. Coach your team to focus on demonstrating how your resort or hotel can provide all of the amenities that are important to the company and their meeting requirements versus simply listing features.

Highlight the fact you can make the experience customized. Also, invite the planning committee to your property to experience the property firsthand. Let them experience the best of the best, allowing your property shine as the standout choice.

Ask for Testimonials

Your previous clients can be a tremendously powerful endorsement tool that can help you earn new business and put potential clients at ease. Be proactive in reaching out to former guests to hear their feedback regarding what did or did not work for them. Don’t hesitate to capitalize on the opportunity of client testimonials or quotes.

Always ask for permission to use professional photos or videos of your client meetings to showcase your venue spaces. It is always easier to show a prospective customer how the event space looks when they see it filled up with people who are engaged and colorful displays.

Demonstrate Your Authority

Attracting new business involves more than just offering the right product/service at the right price. In the hospitality industry, you must assert your authority as a leader in your field. All of the employees tasked with interfacing with potential clients must act with professionalism, confidence, and competence as well.

Highlight a portfolio of events and conferences you’ve previously held. Your clients must believe you and your team are nimble and accommodating enough to remain flexible, and that you have access to support personnel and resources should you need it.

Be Curious

The potential client shouldn’t be treated as a faceless entity. Rather, get to know not only the people behind the business, as well as the business itself. By having an understanding of the key drivers of the business and what factors are important to their continued success, you’ll position your company to be more predictive and less reactive to potential client concerns.

While your hotel or resort should offer the latest in usable technology and efficient meeting spaces, as well as powerful Wi-Fi signals, plenty of breakout space, and catering options, the real advantage to attracting new business is in the details listed above.

Be a good planning partner, use previous clients as your biggest cheerleader, act with authority, and truly understand your client’s business. Do so, and your hotel will quickly emerge as the preferred meeting and event space in your area.

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