Managing Expectations

It is great to see that more businesses are starting to embrace the importance of a powerful Internet marketing campaign.  People are finally seeing that you can NOT properly track ROI on print or radio advertising.  Of course, companies selling search engine optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), and other Internet marketing strategies push the fact the you can track ROI more effectively.  With PPC campaigns and a properly optimized website, you can practically track every penny.

For us Internet marketing professionals this can be a double edged sword when dealing with clients.  Now that clients understand they can track everything, they want to know what’s going on everyday.  They will watch their traffic and conversions every hour.  There is nothing wrong with this, I know I have done it when I have been on the client side.  In fact, I have probably been the most annoying client to some Internet marketing firms; but that has helped me understand what clients need and expect.  As professionals providing the service however, we have to manage that expectation, help them undertand there will be unexplainable fluctuations and to think long term.  It is a constant learning process and every client is different.

In this economy, e-commerce clients will need to be handled carefully as they watch conversions and sales closely into the holidays.  We need to help them understand that some fluctuations are normal depending on the season and some are unexplainable.  The goal is to track conversions, make adjustments where needed, try a few different approaches, and see what works best for the long term growth plan.

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