Management Tips of the Day

Here are some good management tips that will keep your company going during tought times.  It does not matter if you run an Internet marketing company, a manufacturing plant, or a beauty parlor…these types of leadership guidelines translate across all industries.

Anyone can steer the ship in calm waters:  The sign of a true leader is one that will keep the team motivated and performing during the tough times.  Building a business in a good economy with the right resources is much different that understanding the strategic shifts necessary to keep you going during the hard times.

True leaders create change in their organizations:  If you can’t execute your business plans then you probably should not be leading the team.  The difference between a successful leader or manager and one that is not, is that they don’t just make plans…they implement those plans.

Lead by example:  This is especially true during a tough economy.  If you ask people to work late, you should be there too.  Don’t fly first class with the rest of your team in coach.  Don’t ask your people to make sacrifices that you are not willing to make yourself.  Lead fron the front and not the rear.  Bascially, do not ask your people to do something you would not be willing to do yourself.

Manage by walking around:  Get out of your office and walk around.  If you are at the top of the food chain do not confuse this concept with going around your middle managers.  However, it is important to get out there, talk to your team, ask them how things are going, etc.  You can gain a large amount of knowledge by doing this.

Work hard and market your business online:  Working hard and having a good product isn’t enough these days.  Lead your company by working hard, getting to the office first, staying late, and by all means…market your business online.  Internet marketing is the most cost effective way to enhance your brand exposure and increase revenue.  Give you team something to be proud of like a good website and powerful online presence.  It makes it easier to sell!

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