What Makes a Good Brand Ambassador Program?

Part of my responsibilities as a Social Media Project Manager is finding brand ambassadors for businesses. I also have a lot of experience being a brand ambassador myself. Having experienced both sides of a brand ambassador program, here are my tips in making this two-way street super successful!

Tips for Brands

Photo Credit: Shawn Parkin
Photo Credit: Shawn Parkin

– Find brand ambassadors that are big on social media. Find ones that have a good amount of followers, because they will have more reach, but also make sure that they are promoting content that aligns with your company. Are they engaging? Do people like their posts? Comment on them? Share them?

– Check their Klout score – anything above 63 is really good, and means the person is impactful.

– In addition, find brand ambassadors that are engaged with your company’s community, whether online or hands-on in their local community. You want these people to be visible. Ideally, find people that align with your brand. Find people who have the same values as your company. Check #hashtags and see who’s using your brand’s hashtags, if they post about your brand a lot, and have a good following, this influencer would be a good person to reach out to.

– Stay in touch with your brand ambassadors on a personal level at least once every two months, if not monthly. Check in with them. See what’s going on in their lives, and see if they have any up coming community events that they are participating in that would be a good opportunity to promote your product.

– Give! And I mean give. Give ideas of how to share the product, feature the product, and give out the latest product, to keep your brand ambassadors social channels fresh. This keeps brand ambassadors also using the latest products out in public, promoting your brand. Brand ambassadors are walking billboards of your product, whether it’s lotion, shoes, a cell phone chip, food; they are using it, wearing it, showing it. By keeping them up to date with the latest and greatest, it also prevents them from using competitors products.

Have an ambassador summit! Bring the ambassadors to your head quarters, teach them about your company. How did it get started? How is the product made? What are your company’s values? Culture? It is important to create a community with your ambassadors.

– Leverage your brand ambassadors for ideas. Ask them for help in naming a product, or designing something, or how to make the ambassador program better.

– Get your brand ambassadors faces up in your stores, website, etc. Make sure your company and community knows who they are, it will allow them to make a bigger impact in the community. The more people who know them, the more people who will know you!

– If they have a niche, ask them to host some kind of gathering at one of your stores, or in a partner store.  Maybe they teach yoga, or they are a great cook, and could teach a cooking class.

– #1 – goes back up to the first bullet point. Make your brand ambassadors feel important. Let them know you are very thankful for them being a part of your brand, and that you are so happy to have them as a brand ambassador.

As a brand ambassador, what can you do to be the best brand ambassador? See my tips below.

Brand Ambassador Tips:

– MUST be on social media. In order for you to be worth a company’s money and time, you have to be on social media, preferably Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and hopefully you also have a personal blog, which can help increase a company’s SEO by linking to them in posts you write about them.

– Involved in your community. Maybe it’s public speaking, or just being part of a group that fits your lifestyle where you can reach out to other like-minded individuals. Being out there, where people can see you, and hear you, is super important to support your online presence.

Oakley Ambassador Summit - Product Testing– I highly recommend only becoming a brand ambassador for companies that you truly believe in. What does that mean? That means you would buy their product even if you weren’t a brand ambassador. It means not only do you support their product, but you also love the people behind the product. Again, because being a brand ambassador is a two way street, you must enjoy the people behind the brand. You want to feel comfortable giving feedback on products, both positive and negative, and you also want to be able to give positive and constructive feedback on the program itself. Do you believe in the people behind the brand? Do you believe in the brand itself? Those are two questions you need to ask yourself before becoming a brand ambassador for a company.

– Promote the brand, preferably organically. To make a difference, it’s best not to just post “I got this package in the mail”. Although, I did just do that for The Feed, but they are a “gift basket” company, so the packaging mattered. But, once you have the product, use it, and capture photos or videos of you using the product. This is more enticing to your audience or community to see the product working in action. Even if it’s a “protein bar”, snap a shot of you eating it on a long ride, or hike, etc. If it’s a pair of shoes, maybe they are high heels, then show them off while wearing them at work or out with friends.

– Make each post on Social Media impactful. It’s not about quantity but about quality. So, if you don’t have anything to post, then don’t worry about it, wait until you have some good quality photos or videos to post.

Oakley Product Testing 3– Connect with other people in your brand ambassador program. You can possibly meet up, do something within your community, or come up with ideas to pitch to the company. Have fun, think outside of the box, it’s a free, fun marketing gig!

– Don’t be afraid to spread the love! If something doesn’t fit right, or you have two of the same thing, give one to a friend. They have another big group of friends, family, acquaintances, and the more people that can see the product the better. So, don’t be afraid to give stuff away that just doesn’t work for you.

– Be a brand ambassador for companies you believe in, don’t be afraid to be selective. There will be people who contact you and want you to be a brand ambassador for them, but if you don’t use their product, or don’t think you will, then you don’t have to promote them. It’s okay to say “no”.

All these tips are based off my own personal experience of being a brand ambassador, as well as trying to find great brand ambassadors. I know sometimes the lack of budget can be the hard part in executing plans that companies have for a brand ambassador program, so my suggestion is to start small, and slowly grow, because you want to make sure each brand ambassador feels appreciated because it inspires them to share and promote your brand even more. If they feel forgotten, then they will probably forget about you.



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