Make Your Gmail Inbox Customized

Are you tired of scrolling down through your inbox, deleting about 50% of messages before you even read them? Well Gmail has come up with a solution to rid you of the unnecessary clutter! With their new organization tool, you now have the option to choose to view your inbox in one of three new ways. Read more to find out what these ways are.

Originally, one’s Gmail inbox is sorted based on the date received, known as the “classic” inbox, or chronological order.  According to the official Gmail Blog,  you are now able to choose to view your inbox from these additional options:


  • Important First – You may have noticed the yellow arrow option that marks certain messages as “important.” This inbox view will separate those messages you mark as important (both read and unread) to the top and everything else below in its own section of your inbox.
  • Starred First – Those messages you star will appear at the top and all other messages below.
  • Unread First – The simple version; unread messages at the top, all other at the bottom.


A new tab will soon appear at the top of your inbox that will allow you to quickly choose which option you prefer. Once you are comfortable with a theme for about a week Google will eventually deem it as your preferred choice and this tab will disappear (but you will be allowed to switch back to an alternate theme quickly and efficiently in your mail settings).

Try it out! Go to your mail settings, then to Themes and click on one of these two options: “Preview” or “Preview (dense).” You will find the interface in a scene of white space which allows you to navigate around the clean and modern look that the new update will feature.

Here is a preview of one’s inbox:

Gmail New Look

And one of a sample conversation:

It will be interesting to see if these changes actually make viewing email a little bit more easier and helps us to sort our mail better.

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