Are You In Love With Your Agency?

Like many of us, we love our clients, and how our relationship progressed is very much like dating.  As we start out, things can be a little awkward, learning everyone’s names, roles, and goals.  As the months go on and the relationship strengthens; the team comes together on both sides.  The results speak for themselves when everyone begins working together towards a common goal.

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You start your relationship with an agency in many different ways.  For most companies, your first interaction with an agency is like a blind date.  Someone you trust has recommended an agency for you to meet, hoping you would make a good match.  There is no for clients and agencies.  You have to rely on referrals, existing relationships, and mutual trust.

In your first meetings, it’s very much like a first date:

  • Everyone is dressed up.
  • The conversation is probably a little awkward, as it can the first time meeting.
  • There were handshakes, no hugs.
  • You talk about your past, but keep it guarded.
  • You don’t talk about religion, politics, or money.

After a couple months, the relationship grows:   

  • Your next few meetings, you learn more about each other’s past. You bond over similar interests and share some laughs.
  • You will start talking more openly, but still remain somewhat guarded.
  • As you continue, you’ll find that you start to learn about each other and …
  • Your biggest fights will be about money and performance.

After the first few months, you will be more comfortable with each other; you will start asking more difficult questions.  These questions lead to a deeper understanding of what is being done, and how better results can be achieved.  As more time moves on, the agency / client relationship becomes stronger, it becomes a group of people who are working together to achieve the same goal.

Grow your relationship into a strong team:

  • You will have greater results as your mutual trust increases.
  • As your relationship develops, you will find that you already know what the other team wants.
  • The stronger the relationship, the greater potential for great results.
  • You will no longer have a client / agency relationship, it will become a partnership.

As we compare an agency relationship to a real life love connection, think to yourself, do I love my agency? Does the relationship you have with your agency feel stronger than just a work client relationship?  What kind of results would you have, if your partner was just as dedicated to the account as you are?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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