Link Building Basics

Any good Internet marketing company or SEO consultant knows that link building is a crucial ongoing piece of the search engine optimization (SE0) puzzle.  In fact, once the site has been optimized and all the initial SEO work is done, all that is really left is continuing to add valuable content and building the volume of good inbound links from sites with high page ranks. Of course, there are other ongoing maintenance issues and R&D to be done to stay current with the algorithms, but those are the basic tasks.

Link building strategy has changed a lot over the past few years so Internet marketing professionals need to remember the things to avoid:

  • No link trading
  • No link farming
  • No spamming

The best ways for building links are natural and give value to your site and others.  Submitting the site to directories is usually the first step.  Make sure good titles are used that are relevant to the directories and proper categories are used. Some directories also have featured permanent link placements that you can pay for.

Issue optimized press releases through sites like PR Web. It is very important to note that the press release must be “optimized” for it to provide good SEO value to your site. What does that mean? First, the press release must be relevant and newsworthy.  Second, it must use proper keywords and hyperlinks to your site. Issuing a couple good press releases per month is a great way to build links as the articles are picked up by many major news sites and can appear in the SERPs as well for your major keywords.

Social networks are another great strategy for building solid inbound links. Utilizing online communities with blogs and forums are a great example of this.  This is also used when performing social media optimization but we’ll get to that in another blog.  Again, keep in mind that the blogs (much like the press releases) must add value to that particular community for it to be seen as relevant and for other bloggers to write about it or make comments.

Submit your articles or blogs to RSS directories like Technorati. This is a great way to get them indexed and picked up by the major search engines. Other great ways to get sites linking to yours is to get involved with charities, make donations, sponsor events, and try to get links from business partners, clients, or other service providers.

There are many creative ways to build links but it must be done naturally without cutting corners or spamming. Using an Internet marketing company with a solid link building team that specializes in this is a great start.

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