Leveraging Wins To Gain New Clients

Every success a company has, gives them an opportunity to showcase their capabilities to gain more clients. Leveraging wins and client success stories can differentiate a company from their competition. Creating case studies, gathering a reference list and implementing referral programs will allow a team to deliver great services and reap the benefits. Not only do success stories create a story, they can encourage more publicity, increase opportunities for speaking engagements and become a solid endorsement on why prospective clients should work with you.

Sharing your recent awards on your website and sales collateral shows that you are innovative and a thought leader in your industry. More importantly, having that extra testimony gives you credibility. It is great to say you are one of the best in the country, but it is another to be officially recognized for it.

Brent Gleeson, co-founder and CMO at Internet Marketing Inc. gives his thoughts on the subject and why it is beneficial to leverage your success stories.

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