Lead Generation: PPC or Social Media? (Part Two)

Now let’s look at social media marketing as a comparison.  Why is social media so hot right now?  It is hot because people are discovering that the social networking tools they have been using so frequently can be used to make your company more money…plain and simple.  Also, people who have not been tied into the social web are now starting to get on board.  Even the baby boomers have FaceBook.com profiles and Twitter accounts.  The recent press coverage around the elections with candidates like President Obama running major PPC campaigns and social media campaigns has also helped!  It is almost mainstream.

Social media of course can be a great alternative to PPC because it can be much more viral and cost effective…FREE if you are doing it yourself.  I have read about companies/entrepreneurs generating 100% of their revenue through sites like Twitter.  This is not yet the “norm” but it is a reality.  It takes time to really master the art of social media and I beleive we will run through a wave of SPAM and “black hat” tactics now that it is so popular, but only the true believers can harness the power of social media.

We have many other posts on the deatils of social media so I will not belabor the deatils here, but the definition is faily simple:

  • Do your research:  get out there and find out who is “talking” about topics centered around your industry and get involved in those online conversations
  • Create a blog and read other people’s blogs:  write frequently about your industry and provide relevant content for readers.  Gradually you will develop a reader base and the networking begins.  Comment on other people’s blog posts and include a link back to your blog.
  • Research how to really use sites like FaceBook.com, YouTube.com, and Twitter.com for social media purposes.  There is an abundance of information out there.
  • Once you have ramped up your social media platform, you will start to see that results of an improved brand impact and more leads for your business.  Get started!

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