Las Vegas Preview 2019 Recap

“The Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce (LVCC) hit it out of the park once again!”

– Danielle Yanke, Account Director, IMI

The LVCC Las Vegas Preview is held annually to reconnect the Las Vegas business community. At this year’s event, 2,000+ business professional wandered the floors to view 100 different exhibits, including brands from the Vegas Golden Knights to Wells Fargo Bank to Café Rio.

The center of the event took place at the Cox Pavilion. Here a few of Las Vegas’s top business executives came together and presented on economic trends, politic insights, new technological advancements, and some of the new exciting venues coming to town.

Among these executives was Jeremy Aguero from Applied Analysis, a local research, and financial firm. He shared how Vegas is growing at a 2.2% rate, which is three times faster than the national average. He also shared that Vegas is number one in employment growth, wages and salaries, and affordability. To keep us number one, he stated we need to make sure the Nevada business community continues to support each other.

A New Way to See Vegas

Next up, was on a panel on the Global Stage. This panel included a representative from the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Live Nation, and Las Vegas Raiders. Last year Vegas welcomed 42 million visitors, some here for conventions and gambling, but most came for other events. With a fantastic hockey team and the announcement of the new NFL stadium, the city has been bustling with new tourists.

In addition to visiting Vegas to gamble and hang out in casinos, now visitors want to see a concert at the T-Mobile Arena or attend a Vegas Golden Knights game. The question is: how are the new venues and the old venues reaching this new group of people? One panelist said, “We are no longer here to compete with each other, we are here to work together and make sure that the locals or tourists are both getting a one of a kind experience.”

Is Las Vegas the Nation’s Newest Technology Hub?

Following the events panel was a discussion about the new goals for UNLV as a growing campus. It revealed how the university plans to contribute to the growth of the city by bringing in new students and jobs with a brand-new medical school. The presentation also spoke to incorporating a light rail system to help with transportation issues for students and make getting places easier.

These are all part of a bigger initiative to help make Vegas move to a becoming a “Smart City” That’s right! Vegas is looking to become a more technology-friendly city. First, in part, by improving community life by using energy efficient devices within homes and business. The goal is to create a future where Vegas is the main leader of innovation and technology.

The Las Vegas Preview helps the business community. It keeps everyone informed on changes and provides ideas on how to grow their businesses. The best part is it’s a place where companies can make new partnerships coming together with one goal in mind: making Vegas one of the greatest cities in the nation.  

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