Landing Pages- Please!

I can’t tell you how many times per day I see companies spending thousands on PPC and having the traffic go directly to their homepage. This is such a waste of money. Please learn a little but about Internet Marketing and create optimized landing pages for the products or services you are trying to sell. If someone is looking for Swiss Army Luggae, direct them to a page on your website specific to Swiss Army Luggage, not your homepage.  Having optimized landing pages increases sales and conversions by 33% on average.  This means if you are spending $10,000 a month on SEO and you don’t have optimzed landing pages, you are wasting over $3000 per month on PPC.

I urge you to consult a profressional Internet Marketing Company such as Internet Marketing Inc and have a firm help you create the correct landing pages to match your PPC account.  Some people that run their own PPC accounts also direct the pages to the incorrect page. If you are a travel site and someone is looking for a surfing trip in Panama, don’t direct them to your Costa Rica page. I have seen so many mistakes like this in PPC campaigns.  I also see website designers changing the titles and pages on a site and not telling the Internet Marketing Company running the campaign and then the client is wasting money having the campaign click through to dead links.   Get to know the basics of landing pages and start using them today for your PPC campaigns.


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