[Video] What Landing Page Is Best For Your PPC Campaign?

A landing page is a single web page on your site created with a purpose, a specific goal and an anticipated action in mind.  When creating a PPC campaign the first step is to determine your campaign goal. Do you want to increase engagement, bring in leads, convert sales or grow awareness? Once you have agreed on your goals, you can create the landing pages that allow the user to take the action you desire. A landing page is the second engagement point a user experiences after clicking on a link, search result or online advertisement. It is the first impression the user has of your website.

In the video, Justin Mayerick, SEM Director at IMI explains the two different types of landing pages, ‘Reference’ and ‘Transactional’ and the information that should be included on a landing page. Justin explains the importance of making sure the link presented within a search results page or online advertisement takes the user to the landing page that makes the most sense for their particular search term or query. It must be relevant to the keyword searched, offer quality information and provide the logical steps a user would take. The best landing pages provide the least amount of steps for a desired action. If someone wants to buy something or learn something about your company, make it easy for them!

After creating landing pages, you are able to determine the value of each page by monitoring conversion rates and engagement metrics from the traffic coming to your landing pages. Justin encourages that advertisers conduct A/B split testing between landing pages, keeping keywords, ad copy and positioning the same so you can find the best performing landing page for each keyword.

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