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Real Estate internet marketing can be quite tricky and if you’re not careful, you may run out of a budget and not convert a single lead.  That is not to say that a developer can’t run a successful internet marketing campaign, but sometimes, you will see the craziest strategies deployed.  And some of these strategies aren’t planned.  Never mind the search engine optimization – which can be quite tricky, difficult and not to mention time-consuming – but PPC is not only easy to learn but also easy to master.  For example, if you open up your own PPC account with Google, you have the ability to market to whomever you’d like whereever you’d like and during what time of the day as well!  Let me explain the recent blunder from a developer.  I recently searched for San Diego Real Estate and not one but two Atlanta condo developments showed up in the search.  I decided that I would phone each of these developments and asked if they were targeting San Diego homebuyers and they said they were not.  The amount of money that is being wasted on frivolous ppc clicks needs to stop if you are going to run a successful PPC campaign.  When you waste money, the ecomony suffers and we’re suffering big time now!    I’m only ranting about this because people should really understand where every penny of their online marketing expense is going – especially in today’s real estate market.  A good internet marketing company should be seeked out by anyone – not only a developer – to run a solid and cost-effective PPC campaign.

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