Klout Scores Answer the Question of How Influential You Really are Online

If you aren’t familiar with Klout scores, let me fill you in on the hype. This two year old start up company based in San Francisco works to measure one’s influence through various social media platforms. Their system for ranking people is just starting to catch on in in. Klout scores range from 1 to 100 and are determined by analyzing one’s content, interaction with other users, and overall network size.klout logo

Companies are starting to take note of clients’ Klout scores and using their high influence for promotional purposes. For example, Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas will look up guests’ Klout scores when they check in and based on their scores guests might be bumped up to a room upgrade. In doing this, they hope the guest’s will generate positive publicity with their various social media networks causing an increase in customers. So far it’s been working very successfully.

Klout has received some negative criticism from people complaining that their rankings do not accurately represent the extent of one’s influence. For example teen pop sensation Justin Bieber has a perfect score of 100 while president Obama has a score of only 92.

It’ll be interesting to see how internet marketing companies will use the power of Klout scores to increase their clients’ online influence. Social media marketing packages  may now help with this as well.

source: http://www.wired.com/epicenter/2012/04/ff_klout/all/1

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